Video Installation + Sound
2 Channel Video Installation, 3D scans, found objects, water, sand and cement

“Viaducts” is a 2-channel video installation and sound performance with video, field recordings and found objects from construction and industrial sites on the outskirts of Berlin, Germany. The sites focus on the construction of the A100 highway and the new "Cottbuser Ostsee", an artificial lake created from an open-pit coal mine flooded with water from the Spree River.
The work explores the materiality and ecologies of the local sites and the impact of urban and industrial land use. In the videos, 3D scans of found objects, such as concrete and other construction debris, are overlaid with shots of the camera slowly panning over the highway construction site and the river water flowing into the open-pit mine. As the videos progress, the 3D scans become increasingly digital until they disintegrate into a sequence of pixels. The objects in the installation (cement, water, sand and found materials) are activated during the sound performance through the use of contact microphones, field recordings, a modular synth, effect pedals and DIY electronics.
Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the programme
NEUSTART KULTUR Modul D - Digitale Vermittlungsformate