Sound Recordings + Photo Series
Archival Pigment Prints, Audio
Dead Sea, Israel (Part I)
Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland (Part II)
Lake Cerknica, Slovenia (Part III)
To Sink and To Cave is a photographic and sound project about disappearing water sources. With photographs and sound recordings from the Aletsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps, Lake Cerknica in Slovenia, and the Dead Sea, the work explores the waterways as places of transformation. Ephemeral landscapes are revealed under receding glaciers and disappearing lakes, and shorelines collapse into sink holes.

The audio was recorded in Križna cave in Slovenia, an ice cave under the Aletsch Glacier, and a cave in an old limestone quarry under Jerusalem. The audio recording documents a performative interaction modifying the sounds of water drops with a found piece of metal and natural objects, contact microphones, feedback and distortion.

Cerknica (Part III, audio)

Part I [Dead Sea]
Part II [Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland]
Part III [Lake Cerknica, Slovenia]